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North Carolina Business Cyber Protection

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The “Heartbleed Bug” that many IT business specialists warned us about has done a lot of damage. Even though there have been devastating results, many people haven’t checked to see if they were affected by the bug. 77 percent of businesses have not checked to see if their security systems were breached. While out of … More

Protect Your Small Business From The Threat Of Lawsuits

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Launching a business and getting it off the ground can be very exciting. It’s very important for a business to be protected from the threat of lawsuits. Here are five things you can do today to protect your small business. Hire a competent attorney during the startup stages. Your attorney should be knowledgeable about the … More

Tips To Make Selling Your Home Less Stressful

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Selling your home can impact the whole family. From telling the kids that they’re changing schools to making a budget for the move, you can feel the pressure in the midst of selling your home. There are some ways in which you can take the pressure off of the process of selling your home and … More

How Does an Umbrella Policy Cover You?

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There’s been lot of talk about umbrella policies recently and I’m sure you’ve heard that its great to have one. How beneficial is a umbrella policy to you and your family? Allow us to set a very real and scary scene for you. Your son or daughter has a friend that comes home with them … More

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